5 Most Popular iGaming Events Worldwide

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iGaming is another aspect of the gaming industry that has been recently explored. The point of this is to bet on games that people find interesting. However, in a much bigger sense, iGaming is not just about betting, it is also about the activities that lie beneath it.

As we progress in this article, you will be able to uncover 5 of the most popular iGaming events recognized and highly anticipated worldwide.

Fire & Ice Party

Fire and Ice is one of the biggest parties hosted every year. Companies and enthusiasts alike are gathered for this annual party. During this time of the year, people don’t just work hard, they also play hard.

But don’t get this party on the wrong note because even though this is a time for celebration, parties, and booze, this is also the time to grab yourself some sponsorship because of the companies that are present in the said event.

The reason why this is a very good event to attend is that the environment is relaxed so there’s a subsided pressure when it comes to dealing with sponsors.

Betting on Sports America

One of the most popular iGaming activities is sports-betting. Every year, the Sports Betting Community conducts a conference which makes use of 175 industry speakers spread over 40 sessions.

The point of this is to strengthen the industry by helping each other through this trade event and provide more information that can be used by the attendees in evaluating their odds when they make their bets online.

CoinGeek Conference

As previously stated in our last blog post, cryptocurrency also paved the way to the existence of iGaming which is why CoinGeek plans to hold three conferences a year. Here, the pioneers and experts of cryptocurrency will impart their knowledge, share their experiences, and discuss how these platforms can help them generate more revenue in their business.

Lisbon Affiliate Conference

Last year’s Lisbon Affiliate Conference had over 2,500 delegates, more than 100 affiliate programs which are the reason why they have decided to do it again this year. This conference tackles the latest trends regarding iGaming as well as the opportunities that you can get from it.

More than that, this conference also talks about SEO, regulations and compliance, emerging markets, and other relevant topics that could help grow a company.

SiGMA iGaming

SiGMA is probably the most anticipated and the largest gathering in the industry. If you think that the Affiliate Conference is already a lot, wait until you hear how 12,500 attendees, 2,500 affiliates, coupled with sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers, encompassing more than 80 countries gather together for this event.

Moreover, SiGMA gathering is on its 6th edition already which means that whatever they’re doing during the conference must’ve done something good in the respective lives and careers of the attendees.

The point of these iGaming events is not just for the big companies to showcase what they have but to educate the attendees on what the latest news regarding the industry is. When you stay updated on every relevant aspect of the industry, it’s more likely that you’d be able to make wise decisions.

iGaming Introduction: How the Industry Started to Emerge

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E-gaming means playing your favorite games online just like an online casino or online sports betting website. The essence of e-games lies on allowing people to indulge in their hobbies without actually going to a physical establishment to play.

So, basically, it’s just about providing the clients with their need at the comfort of their own home in their own time.

On the other hand, iGaming is a different aspect developed by the gambling industry, major operators of gaming industries, and punters. So unlike before where people can only bet in a real casino establishment or a betting center in cases of sports betting, iGaming let’s those who are in their homes or offices that don’t have enough time to go to a casino or visit a betting office place their bets at sites like Bella & John..

With the help of technology, they can bet wherever they want are and whenever they feel like doing so.

How Did It Start?

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The concept of gambling is not new to us. For centuries, our ancestors have already gambled. To be honest, even the concept of e-gaming and igaming isn’t new, it’s just that the emergence of technology paved the way for it to reach more people with the use of mobile devices.

Another factor that made iGaming possible, which is still connected to technology, is the existence of cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is a currency in the virtual world that can be converted to be accepted in the real world. It can be transferred from one account to another to serve as payment of some sort.

Is it Safe?

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Practically, it is safe. There are quite a number of big companies that are already involved in this which means that it is, without a doubt, legitimate. However, you still can’t take away the fact that there will be people exploiting the concept, building websites that would scam other people.

This is the reason why, even though iGaming is a real thing, you still need to be careful in dealing with websites who promise to provide you with such service.

The internet is a big virtual world, there are so many things that you can do in order to make sure that you are only dealing with websites that can actually provide you with what you need. Just a point of advice, don’t be too hasty.

Compare every website that you come across with one another and pick which of them seems to be more appropriate for you.